United States History Course 'Dailies'

This is the course wiki for CHS United States History Honors 2010-11.

Blog Grading Breakdown

All students will be responsible for writing two original blog posts each week, known as "dailies". These blog posts are worth five (5) points a piece and will be scored according to the blog post grading matrix. There will be a hard due date every two weeks that coincide with the due dates of weekly articles. Posts after this due date will be downgraded to a "satisfactory" grade.

Blogging Schedule

Weeks 07/08 - Quarter 04
Choose four.
[Due 05.27.11]
  1. The Vietnam War was one of the most "in our faces" conflicts that the people of the United States had ever seen. We are fortunate that we do not need to only rely on textbooks to get our history of this combat operation. To complete this post, write five quality questions and use them to interview someone alive during the Vietname War. Publish both your questions and your interviewees responses to your blog.
  2. Today, we are used to the news media treating stories of war with support. However, this may not have always been the case. The NY Times maintains this site, which details some news stories from the war. Check them out and discuss in a blog post, the differences between how the media covers the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - with how they covered Vietnam.
  3. The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the most tense monments in United States History. However, most did not find out how tense this situation with the Soviet Union actually was until after it was over. I want you to check out this timeline, or any other Cuban Missile Crisis site you choose. Create a Twitter account for President John F. Kennedy and post ten "tweets" from him during this crisis.
  4. Post your Topic.12 Concept Guide to your blog. In order to receive credit for this blog post, it must be complete prior to your period taking the assessment on May 23, 2011.
  5. This week we listened to some music that was inspired by the Vietnam War era. I want you to choose a song from the modern day, and pick one verse from that song that deals with a current issue. In your blog post, quote the lyrics first, then provide commentary about what those lyrics mean and how they are similar to songs from the Vietnam era. Somewhere in the post, be sure to include the song title and artist that you chose.