Weekly Article 03 [Past Due]
Weekly Article Topic:
With the holiday season upon us, what better to write about than world chaos.

Over the past few weeks a non-profit organization known as WikiLeaks has dropped bombshells with the release (or "leaks) of important classified documents from governments around the world. The argument from the organization is that they want to keep governments "open" about their issues and policy. Read some articles about the WikiLeaks debaucle and express your thoughts about the global issue. This post should be in the format of a letter to the editor of a major newspaper expressing your opinion (an OpEd).

Weekly Article 02 [No Longer Accepted]
Weekly Article Topic:
With the introduction of video games such as Call of Duty, and other war shooter games, a controversey has brewed about the violence they recreate. Read the following articles dealing with video game violence.

In your weekly article this week, aruge for one side of the video game violence debate. Should games that portray war, such as Call of Duty, be allowed to exist? More importantly do they diminish the violence that actually occurs in real war (keeping in mind there was no "reset" button for soldiers of World War I)?
[Requirements: 500 word minimum; at least one photo with source]

Weekly Article 01 [No Longer Accepted]
Weekly Article Topic:
Using what you know about the concept behind imperialism (a stronger nation opressing a weaker one), think of a movie that you have seen that has an underlying theme of the same concept. Give a summary of key points of this film and dicuss how this relates to the ideas of imperialism.
[Requirements: 500 word minimum; at least one photo with source]

Blog Dailies

Week 07 [Past Due]
Choose two.
  1. Check out the Wordles for the United States Declaration of War and the German Response to the United States. In a short blog post predict what you think was the tone of the US declaration of war. Also, discuss what you think the German response said.
  2. Your squad breaches the door of a suspected insurgent safe-house. After securing the building and flex-cuffing six people found inside, one of your team members finds materials typically used in making IEDs (bombs) under some floor tiles. There is reliable intelligence that the IEDs are also being assembled in another location nearby. Unfortunately, this location has not yet been specifically identified. Finding this other "bomb factory" is a vary high priority.
    a. How should you treat these detained prisoners?
    b. What are some potential long and short-term repercussions if any of these detainees are mistreated?

Week 06 [None]
Due to the birth of Baby Jack... there will be no Week 06 blog dailies.

Week 05 [No Longer Accepted]
Choose two.
  1. At the time - World War I, the Great War, saw the greatest number of casualties the world had ever seen. Watch the trailer from the remake of Gallipoli (1981) and predict what you think caused the great number of casualties. Be specfic pulling specific examples from the video clip. Also discuss what impact the number of casualties had on society.
  2. World War I introduced lots of new technologies on the weapons front, one of them being the airplane. Check out Dogfight (that's what you call two planes fighting air-to-air combat), play it, and write about what you think was going through a pilot's mind while fighting in an air-to-air combat situation. This fighting style continued through the Cold War.
  3. Think about the ways the you communicate today - email, cell phone, text messaging, facebook, twitter, etc... Now think about the way that soldiers in World War I communicated - the letter... and that's it! I want you to check out this site called war-letters.com, and choose a letter or two from the list. These are all real letters from World War I that have been digitized. After reading the letters - discuss what you think some of the frustrations would have been for these soldiers to have just this one line of communication.

Week 04 [No Longer Accepted]
Choose two.
  1. Read "The Overthrow of the Monarchy", an article from the in-flight magazine on Aloha Airlines. The article provides an overview of the United States' overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. If Queen Liliuokalani had a Twitter account, what would she have said (or "tweeted") during the event? Using the date January 14, as a starting point - create a list of tweets from the Queen documenting the events from January 14 to January 17. Use only the information in the article for your source. To see how I want you to format this post, read this post on my blog. Remember, no more than 140 characters per entry.
  2. Read this post from a blog documenting the history of West Indians (people from the Caribbean islands). The blog post discusses several of the issues faced by workers during the construction of the Panama Canal. Write a short journal entry from the point of view of one of the West Indian workers detailing the dangers they faced during the construction of one of the most pivotal man made structures in the world.
  3. Now that you are an expert on the topic of imperialism and all that it entails... find a current event article that gives readers an example of imperialism (not involving the United States). Provide a link to the original article and then provide some discussion as to why your selected example is imperialism - and go one step further - is it economic or political imperialism (or both)?

Week 03 [No Longer Accepted]
Choose two.
  1. The Bourgeoise and the Proletariate are key piece to Marx's Communist Manifesto. Read through the Spark Notes for the Bourgeoise (Part 01) and the Proletariate (Part 02) from Marx's work. Analyze how these two groups of people relate to the classic film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Blog about it.
  2. During the Spanish American War, yellow journalism was used by American newspapers to gain support for the war. Check out the PBS website Crucible of Empire, and their story about yellow journalism during the war. After gaining an understanding for the concept, find an example of how yellow journalism is used today. For this post, quote a news headline and then comment on how it relates to yellow journalism used during the war. Blog about it.
  3. Explore the website for the School of the Americas Watch, an anti-SOA organization that calls for its closing. Look at some of the groups arguments against the SOA. Should the United States be able to operate such an organization and train people in the practice of the coup d'etat? Use the facts from the SOA site to help you formulate your argument. Blog about it.