Blogging Schedule

Weekly Article 01 [Due 02.11.11]
Weekly Article Topic:
Check out this site that provides information about the Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti. For this weekly article, take on the role of a CSI investigator as if they had been around in the 1920s, and investigate the case. Research the site and the primary documents that are provided to develop a case supporting or one against Sacco and Vanzetti. You must utilize information and resources to back up your case.

Weekly Article ?? [Due N/A]
Weekly Article Topic:
UPDATE! There will be no weekly article for weeks 04 and 05.

Weekly Article 02 [03.11.11]
Weekly Article Topic:
´╗┐Your weekly article this week will be more project based than writing based. You will use a web based timeline creator called Timeglider to create a World War II timeline. Your timeline should include text, images, and video if you're really tech savvy. To see what you can do with this program check out this timeline. Check out this tutorial to see how to embed your timeline on your blog upon completion.

Your World War II timeline should include significant events (please do not include random little events that were not "big picture"). In order to receive a full grade for this assignment, your timeline should include at least 20 events.

Blog Dailies

Choose four from weeks 02 and 03.
Week 02 [Due 02.11.11]
  1. Write a reflection on what you learned from the organized crime small group presentations. (Mandatory)
  2. Post your acrostic poem final draft to your blog for a final grade. (Mandatory)
  3. Check out these sites that provide some detailed information about Alcatraz, also known as the Rock. Using what you know discuss why the government thought that Alcatraz was "inescapable", both literally and figuratively.

Week 03 [Due 02.11.11]
  1. Post your Topic.07 Concept Guide to your blog in order to help your classmates with their preparation for the Topic.07 Formative Assessment. (Mandatory)
  2. Check out these amazing images from the Dust Bowl era in the United States. Choose ten photographs and create a Prezi with the images and your commentary (1-2 sentence thoughts about the photo) and post your Prezi to your blog.
  3. During the 1920s, the Scopes Trial was one of the biggest news stories of the century. Look at the debate presented by the Scopes Trial (evolution vs. religion), and argue, from your perspective, for what we should teach in school today.

Choose four from weeks 04 and 05.
Week 04 [Due 02.25.11]
  1. After screening Cinderella Man in class this week, create and outline of the film and post it to your blog. Since Cinderella Man is based on a true story, your outline should include at least three links (in text) that take readers to primary sources that relate to topics in the film. (Mandatory)
  2. Check out James Braddock's record on his official website. Research at least five of his fights from the 1930s and put that information into a GoogleMap. You must include Braddock's title fight with Max Baer. Post your map to your blog.
  3. Create a video critiquing the film Cinderella Man. You may include images, video of yourself dicussing the film, or anything you think will get your point across to your audience. Once done post your video to YouTube and embed it in your blog. You may collaborate classmates, however the final video should be embedded on each student's blog.
  4. Recreate an image of a scene from the film and post this image to your blog with a few lines of commentary about why you chose this scene. You may collaborate classmates, however the image should be posted on each student's blog.

Week 05 [Due 02.25.11]
  1. To get an idea for which regions of the world are currently threatened by genocide, check out the United States Holocaust Museum's "Who's at Risk?" page. After reading through the breif on each of the countries, discuss whether countries like the US should get involved in interventions related to these countries. Also, head on over to my blog and vote in the poll that is related to this question.
  2. After we discuss the Rape of Nanking in class, check out the BBC article about the Japanese denial of this atrocity. Too often in classrooms around the country we "deny" certain history, whether it is edited out of a textbook or censored by a school board. Address a school principal about whether you believe that we should "deny" high school aged students history. Use the Rape of Nanking and one other act of genocide of your choosing to make your argument.
  3. Check out the National Archives collection called "Powers of Persuassion". Once you have scoped out the propaganda posters from World War II, check out Glogster and create your own online propaganda poster and embed it in your blog. For tutorials about Glogster and how to embed click here.

Choose four from weeks 06 and 07.
Week 06 [Due 03.11.11]
  1. Ebay has everything... including artifacts from World War II. For this blog post we are going kindergarten and you will conduct a virtual show and tell. Find an artifact from World War II on ebay that peaks your interest. Then on your blog show and tell about your artifact. Your readers will want to know what your item is and why this item is significant.
  2. The University of Southern California (USC) maintains the Shoah Foundation. The Shoah Foundation has digitized hours of footage of the testimony from Holocaust survivors. View the footage of George Gottlieb.mp4 from the Shoah collection. Also view one more video on the Shoah website and write a reaction statement about the clips - your reaction statement should include your feelings after viewing the pieces.
  3. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a listing of hundreds of Jewish ID cards. Choose one from the list of Holocaust victims and based on the information you find on their ID card, write five higher level questions you would ask if you had the chance to interview them.

Week 07 [Due 03.11.11]

The decision to utilize blogs in this class was based on your need to develop into a 21st C. student and citizen. Your blog is published to a global audience. In today's society it is vital that you are "Google-able". College admissions offices and many workplaces are beginning to Google applicants and see what comes up. It is my goal for you is that your blog (a showcase of your writing) will make you somewhat "Google-able".

For this reason, please take the next week to clean up your blog. Review your posts and proofread, edit, re-format. You want your finished product to be something that you are proud to show off, something that makes you "Google-able". Keep this also in mind as you continue to post to your blog for the remainder of the year.

Choose four from weeks 08 and 09.
Week 08 [Due 03.31.11 at 7:00PM]
  1. Create an outline for the film Casablanca that we screened in class. Your outline should include major events, characters, and pieces of the plot/storyline. I would also like to see this blog post completed in a traditional outline format. Following the outlines of Cinderella Man, I believe that most of you could benefit from some practice in outlining - something that will be beneficial in college. In addition, please link out at least three sources about events from the film. (Mandatory)
  2. Complete your Topic.09 Concept Guide (can be found on the HUB), and post it to your blog. (Mandatory)

Week 09 [Due 03.31.11 at 7:00PM]

There will be no blog topics for Week 09.