Weeks 01/02 - Quarter 04
Choose four.
[Due 04.15.11]
  1. We recently looked at some of the art created by Norman Rockwell during the mid-20th Century. In class you completed a timed write for a short story about the painting that you chose. Post your final draft of your story to your blog. This final draft should be free of gammatical errors. Please do not inlcude Rockwell's painting on your blog, this would be a copyright violation.
  2. In class we discussed the impact of the television on our society in the 1950s. For this post find a news article that details how television (film or music) has impacted society today. Provide some commentary answering the question: Does media influence the actions of teenagers? Also, be sure to include a link to your news story somewhere in your post.
  3. We recently investigated some advertisements from the 1950s, many of which displayed sexism towards women. Check out this site, which offers hundreds of ads to choose from. Choose an ad from the 1950s that displays sexism and discuss how the ad you chose demonstrates this concept.As always, your blog posts must be school appropriate in both language and content.
  4. We will be screening the film, The Majestic in class. Create an outline for the film. Your outline should include major events, characters, and pieces of the plot/storyline. This blog post should be completed in a traditional outline format and please link out at least three sources about historic events protrayed in the film.
  5. Post your Topic.10 Concept Guide to your blog. This post should be completed prior to the Topic.10 Formative Assessment.

Weeks 03/04 - Quarter 04
Choose four.
[Due 04.29.11]
  1. We recently discussed the events that took place at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Fifty years after those events, there is still a civil rights struggle going on; one example of this took place in Jena, Louisiana. Read the NY Times article "Louisiana Protest Echoes the Civil Rights Era". In a blog post, discuss your reaction to the Jena article and also discuss how the Jena and Little Rock incidents are similar. Be sure to answer both parts of the question for full credit.
  2. Gain an understanding for the term meritocracy. The ideology that anyone who works hard enough can acheive the American Dream has been touted by many organizations throughout American history. Evaluate whether or not you believe that this ideology is true, based on the testing results of the third graders in A Class Divided, where the students perform better on the phonics task when they are in the group labeled superior than when those same students are in the group designated as inferior.
  3. We will be talking a lot about MLK and Malcolm X in class. Many would argue that these men were vastly different in their methodology.Yet others would argue that there were no differences between the two. Check out this doc, which provides you with quotes from both men. Using what we discuss in class and also what you infer from the doc/quotes, discuss in a blog post whose methodology was more effective in accomplishing goals set by the Civil Rights Movement.
  4. We have been discussing educational opportunity a lot in class. Use the College Education Survey doc, found here, to complete a survey about race, high school and college graduation. Once your survey is complete, post your results to your blog with commentary about what you can infer from your results. Think about the educational opportunity discussions that we held in class.
  5. This week you worked on your "I Am" poems in class with collaborative groups. You may post your final draft of your groups poem to your blog.This will count for one of your four posts for this two week session.
  6. Post your Topic.11 Concept Guide to your blog. This must be posted prior to the Topic.11 Formative Assessment in order to receive credit for your post.